Life Insurance

Why you HAVE to be covered.

There are three main life insurance policies that can help you and your family in the case of an unexpected death. These three life insurance policies are Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, and Universal Life Insurance.

Term life insurance offers a fixed payment for a limited amount of years.

Whole Life Insurance offers a way to invest and have a life insurance policy that can provide a payout.

Universal Life Insurance offers permanent life insurance that provides a payout and offers added flexibility as well as builds a saving account that can be used as a tax-free retirement plan.

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Greg Jones Insurance Services understand that times are hard, for some families even harder.  This is why it’s so crucial that people invest in life insurance – simply put you can’t live without it.

Should something happen to you will you be leaving an enormous bill for your family to support?  How will they move on without you bringing in a steady income or with your funeral bill cost? These are all questions you’ve seriously have to consider when going for life insurance.

Providing Security for Your Family

This is the fundamental point of life insurance.  It’s providing security for your loved ones; don’t leave any doubt that they’ll be protected if you pass away.  Life insurance premiums will help them cover your immediate costs and the long-term costs of missing your income.

Protecting your home mortgage

Another crucial part of life insurance is that it allows you to protect assets such as your home mortgage, which means that if something happens to you your family won’t lose their home as well.  It all comes down to protecting the ones you love, people skimp out on life insurance and don’t understand the devastation which it brings should something happen – don’t allow this to be your family, get life insurance.

What happens when you don’t have enough coverage?

Nothing good.  You need coverage to make sure that your family won’t suffer anymore then they have to.  Not having enough coverage could mean your house, car and savings all be re-possessed. Make sure this won’t happen to you, get life insurance with us and we’ll take care of you both financially and legally.

Insurance Brings Peace of Mind

This is what it all comes down to.  Knowing your protected allows you to live your life without a moment’s hesitation, you don’t have to wonder what will happen because you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you are protected.  Our premiums are both affordable and very competitively priced.  We’ll search to find deals for you weather it be a tax free retirement plan a term life plan, whole life plan. We’ll work together to ensure you get the best deals possible – so you really have no reason not to secure this peace of mind.

We’re looking forward to working with you and figuring out a plan which will work for you and your family.  We understand that people come with different problems and backgrounds which is why we treat every client as a new case.

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