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What we can do for you?

When it comes to universal life insurance there are a variety of different options available.  We want to make sure that you understand there is no one size fits all glove.  Every case is unique and different in its own ways.  Make sure that if you’ve got any questions of specifics that need to be answered you give us a call, email or visit and we can consult with you.  We’re known for our customer support, quick service and the quality of work we complete.  Call Greg Jones today at 661.703.8848.

Universal Life Insurance – What is it?

With skyrocketing debts and huge bills people are looking for new ways to secure their eccentric lifestyles.  By many economists and experts universal life insurance has been dubbed the ‘necessary’ evil.  Basically what you’ll be doing is depositing premiums each month with the option of choosing accounts which offer a steady rate, fluctuating accounts (with the market) and tax-free accounts.  It’s a great way to make your cash grow, especially if you start early enough it will add up before you know it!

How can universal life insurance benefit me?

Whether you’re looking to make a smart investment, huge savings or a combination of both universal life insurance is the perfect choice – especially since we can cater to your unique risk assessment. This means you’ll have a small bit of money tucked away every month towards bigger financial goals which you’ll be able to take out at anytime you like.

One of the advantages of universal life insurance is that the money is tax free when you decide to take it out.  This is a great way of planning a tax free retirement in which you’ll receive practically all of the money which you put into the account in the first place.

You can also use your universal life insurance for college funding, it’s literally insurance designed for your life – when problems come up, when you need some extra money you’ll be able to dive into your account and take what you need.  Think of universal life insurance as your safety net.  You’re always putting in a little more money and building wealth at the same time.  It’s the perfect solution whether you’re old, young, rich or poor.  It’s a ‘necessary evil’ for a reason and that’s because everyone can benefit from using it.

Universal Life Insurance – is it for you?

With that being said, universal life insurance is fantastic for anyone who’s looking for that piece of mind that we’re talking about.  As with all insurance it’s all about protecting yourself from the unknown, after all – accidents are accidental.

Which means that nobody see them coming.  There’s nothing worse than being taken back by an accident that could’ve easily been protected by making the most of a universal life insurance policy.  When the time comes you’ll rejoice at the great decision you made.  Seriously, don’t delay, call, visit or email us today and we’ll talk to you about your options.  At the very least become an informed consumer.

We don’t just want you as our client; we want to help you understand your options and the different strategies you can use.  So why not try us out and feel the difference?  Greg Jones Insurance in Bakersfield, California – “Insurance, it’s what we do.”

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